• Taxi crashes into void deck at Jurong West

    SINGAPORE: A taxi crashed into the void deck of a housing block in Jurong West on Thursday morning (Jan 19) and ended up wedged in a walkway between two HDB blocks. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said it was alerted to the incident at Block 816, Jurong West Street 81, at about 8.10am. An […]

  • Utilities
    Work and Energy

    064 – Work and Energy In this video Paul Andersen explains how the mechanical energy added or removed from a system results from work. For work to occur a force must act parallel to the displacement of the system. Since work and energy are equivalent the work-energy theorem allows of for calculating the work as […]

  • Underage and exploited: How schoolgirls are lured into Japan’s JK industry

    Read part 1 here: The business of Japan’s high school girls for hire SINGAPORE – While working for a reflexology company, 17-year-old Yumi (not her real name) was repeatedly dunked in a bathtub until she blacked out, cut, had her blood licked, and burnt with a lighter, in just the span of a few hours. […]

  • Petanque dream rolls on for dedicated Cambodians

    PHNOM PENH: In the shadows of Phnom Penh’s Olympic Stadium, the clinking of metal and whipping of dust fills the air above the rumbling of peak hour traffic. On rocky courts, a pastime more associated with long-gone colonial times is in full flight. Dozens of locals are playing petanque, a simple ball game first brought […]

  • Utilities
    The Science of Opera with Stephen Fry and Alan Davies

    What does great art do to our bodies? In an exciting world first, The Science of Opera with Stephen Fry and Alan Davies saw a team of medical scientists from UCL discovering what happens inside us when we go to the opera. Opera lover Stephen Fry took his friend, Royal Opera virgin and QI panellist […]

  • Dating
    Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter: A Technical Skills Primer

    buy now $22.95 This guidebook for technical recruiters is an essential resource for those who are serious about keeping their skills up-to-date in the competitive field of technical resource placement. Recruiting can be challenging with little background in technology, technology roles, or an understanding of how the two interact. In this book, you will learn […]

  • Brothers in arms: Twin artists Le Brothers explore life in Vietnam after the war

    SINGAPORE: Talking to Vietnamese artists Le Duc Hai and Le Ngoc Thanh can be a disorienting experience. They both dress in a funky way and sport tattoos, have the same long hair and goatee, wear shades and nose rings, and finish each other’s sentences. But that’s probably to be expected when you’re dealing with twins. […]

  • Commentary: Why Asia would want Trump to succeed

    When Donald Trump is sworn in this Friday, he will be inheriting an economy that has been growing rather robustly. For Asia’s sake, let’s hope that the growth momentum will remain strong under his watch. SINGAPORE: US economic recovery looks to be on track. Unemployment rate, for one, has been on a steady decline. Indeed, if […]